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Caretaker Mode

Wattle Range Council Caretaker Period
18 September 2018 to declaration of the Election (November 2018)

With the closing of candidate nominations for the 2018 Local Government Elections Council is now in caretaker mode.

From 18 September 2018 until after the conduct of the Election (10 November 2018) there are certain designated decisions that can not be considered.

The statutory caretaker period is requirement under section 91A of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 and affirms Council's commitment to fair and democratic elections.

To determine if your issue requires a decision which may fall into this category, please see Council's Policy and Guidelines below:
Caretaker Policy(71 kb)
Caretaker Guidelines(133 kb)

If your issue does require a decision that falls into this category, this may lead to a potential delay in processing your request. Council will endeavour to keep you updated on the progress of any request.



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