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Wattle Range Residents reminded burning restrictions remain in place

31 March 2014

Council wishes to remind all landholders and residents in the Council area that the Fire Danger Season in the Lower South East does not conclude until 30th April 2014.

Recently Council has issued permits for rural landholders to burn standing grass and stubble on their properties. These farmers are allowed to burn stubble and grass paddocks under strict permit conditions and some smoke may be visible from these burn offs. Permit holders are wholly responsible for the control of any burn off.

At times the smoke may restrict visibility and caution should be taken when driving through these areas.

Residents are reminded that restrictions remain in place on the lighting of all fires, in backyards in townships and rural areas, including fires in drums or garden prunings (e.g. tree limbs, leaves etc.), until the end of the Fire Danger Season. 

Fires may only be lit under strict permit conditions. All unattended fires should be reported to 000.

Mayor Peter Gandolfi had urged residents to be responsible when it comes to fire prevention and said: “If in doubt contact Council to check what your obligations are before you light up.”

For further information in relation to obtaining a permit or other fire prevention matters, please contact Council’s Fire Prevention staff on 8733 0900. 

Various fire safety materials/brochures can also be obtained at any Council Office or from the CFS on www.cfs.sa.gov.au or 1300 362 361


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