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Enrol, Nominate and Vote - Council Elections: Your opportunity to exercise your democratic right

7 July 2014 (amended: 7 July 2014)

The community will again have the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to elect their local government leaders. With the four year term of the current Elected Members set to conclude, Council Elections are scheduled for November this year.

Anyone over the age of 18 living, owning or leasing property in the Council area can be eligible to vote. A majority of residents will automatically appear on the Council voters roll. However, if you have changed address or postal address recently and have not changed your enrolment details with the Electoral Office you will need to do this now! 

If you need to enrol or change your address you must do so by 8 August 2014 to be eligible to vote in November.

Council Chief Executive, Peter Harriott also advises that non-resident property owners have been removed from the Local Government voters roll and must re-enrol by 8 August if they are to vote in this year's Council elections. This includes businesses, tenants and non-resident owners of residential property.

Under the State Parliament's Local Government Elections Act, the non-resident voter's roll is purged every four years from 1 January in an election year.

Council strongly urges all people who want to vote for their Council Members to enrol by 5pm on Friday, 8 August.

Enrolment forms can be obtained from any of the Council offices or downloaded from the Council website.

“It is your right to vote and although voting for the Council is voluntary, I would encourage all eligible people to enrol and cast their postal vote this year to have a say in how their community is run.”

Mr Harriott said Councils play a vital role in many issues which impact locally on business including planning & development policy, parking and traffic management, public events and upgrades to public spaces and main streets.

"Councils are the only sphere of government for which businesses can obtain a vote, but you need to enrol to exercise that right."

“I would also encourage non-resident property owners to make sure they are enrolled to have a say in relation to properties in our area," he said.

Teenagers who are 17 can also provisionally enrol by 8 August and if they turn 18 on or prior to the close of voting on 7 November, they will also be able to vote.

Now is also the time for community members to consider whether they might like to nominate to become a member of Council.

“Being a Council Member can certainly be demanding, being required to deal with complicated matters and pressure generated by the community. However there is personal satisfaction to be gained from such a rewarding role so it is well worth considering.” Mr Harriott said.

If you are, or know someone who would potentially be a good community leader, information for prospective candidates, including a handbook titled “So you want to be on Council” is available on the Local Government Association website at http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/councilelections.

Further information regarding enrolments, nominations and voting in this year’s Local Government Elections can be found at http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/councilelections or http://www.ecsa.sa.gov.au/elections/council-elections or by contacting Wattle Range Council on (08) 8733 0900.


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