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Vandalism: Council counts cost to community

16 December 2014

Council and the wider community have been disappointed by the continued occurrence of senseless vandalism in the townships of Millicent and Penola over the past fortnight.

Council has dealt with a toilet being set on fire at Jubilee Reserve, Millicent. “It was very fortunate that an officer was in the area and could extinguish the fire prior to any significant damage.” Mayor Peter Gandolfi said. The matter has been referred to police.

Staff have also had a number of padlocks glued shut which may be considered minor however at a cost of $60 per lock becomes an expensive prank. The locks included several toilets resulting in delays in opening of these amenities.

A trespass also occurred at the Penola pool on the weekend with the offenders damaging a newly built limestone wall whilst gaining access to the facility.

The final senseless act was the vandalism of 13 street trees on Mt Gambier Road, Millicent. It occurred on Saturday night at around 11pm with the culprit snapping the trees. Council is currently working with the police and will be seeking to recover costs for the damage if the offenders are apprehended.  Council will not be immediately replacing the street trees waiting til Autumn when weather conditions are more appropriate.

“These mindless acts of vandalism are both disappointing and frustrating,” says Mayor Peter Gandolfi. “I don’t think the culprits fully understand the cost of their actions to the community.”


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