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No Bicycle Zones - Millicent and Penola CBD

7 June 2016


The riding of push bikes will be banned on footpaths in Millicent and Penola’s main streets from July 1.

The move follows changes to State legislation which allows cyclists of all ages to ride on all footpaths unless prohibited by local councils. Previously, cycling and shared paths were designated and children under the age of 12 were allowed to ride on all footpaths unless prohibited by councils. Under the new legislation, Council does not have the ability to define allowed cycling areas by age group.   

Wattle Range Council recently sought public feedback relating to the footpath network across the district, including the proposal to create a ‘No Bicycles’ zone within the Millicent and Penola central business districts.

A total of 175 responses were received regarding the Millicent zone, with 72% supporting the ban. In light of the responses, Council decided to introduce a ‘No Bicycles’ zone in Millicent covering the footpath on both sides of George Street, between Short Street and North Terrace.

In Penola, total of 118 responses were received regarding the Penola zone, with 64% supporting the ban. The Penola ‘No Bicycles’ zone covers the footpath on both sides of Church Street, between Riddoch Street and Arthur Street.

Mayor Peter Gandolfi said: “The recent change of road rules allowing cyclists of any age to ride on the footpath increased the risk of collision with pedestrians, particularly in the higher use footpaths of the central business districts in Millicent and Penola.”

“Safety of pedestrians is paramount and banning the riding of bicycles in these areas ensures pedestrians using the footpaths can go about their daily business without the risk of a cyclists running into them.”

The ‘No Bicycle’ zones in both Millicent and Penola will take effect on 1 July 2016, with signage and pavement markings to be installed. The penalty for riding a push bike in a bicycle free area is $53 expiation or up to a $2,500 fine and is enforced by SA Police.


For further information please contact:
Peter Halton - Director Engineering Services
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0901
Email:                    council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au


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