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Revised Roadside Vegetation Plan out for comment

6 March 2019

Wattle Range Council is currently seeking community comment on the draft Roadside Native Vegetation Management Plan which was presented to the February meeting of Council for consideration.

Roadside Vegetation

Council’s current plan was adopted in May 2012 and is now due for review. The amendments in the draft plan reflect subsequent changes to relevant legislation and responsible government departments or officers. The updated plan also features improved maps, which are now much easier to read. There have been no changes to the preservation areas proposed. It should also be noted that this plan refers only to the management of native vegetation on public roadsides.

“The Roadside Native Vegetation Plan reflects Council’s commitment to preserving roadside vegetation in the district, whilst still providing a safe road network” Council’s Chief Executive Officer Ben Gower said.

“Our aim is to support low impact methods of vegetation management, consistent with the guidelines prepared by the Native Vegetation Council, without compromising the efficient, effective and safe use of roads in the Wattle Range Council area” he added.

The consultation is open for 21 days in accordance with Council’s Public Consultation Policy and written submissions will be received until 5pm on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

Anyone interested in reading the draft plan can visit www.wattlerange.sa.gov.au/haveyoursay, alternatively copies are available to collect from any of Council’s offices. 


For further information please contact:

Ben Gower, Chief Executive Officer
Email:                       council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:               (08) 8733 0900


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