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Bowman Scenic Drive

Bowman Scenic Drive

Follows the spectacular rugged coast of the Southern Ocean. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach, scuba diving, surf fishing or looking at the sea from one of the many lookouts. Please Note: there are dangerous undertows along these beaches. Take care

The Scenic Drive was constructed by the District Council of Beachport, (now amalgamated into Wattle Range Council), over a period of 6 years, with the first stage commencing in 1967. It was named after Councillor Albert Bowman who served a term of 20 years as councillor for Beachport Ward.

The starting point of the Scenic Drive is at the Round About at the junction of Railway Terrace and Beach Road. Turn right at the round about and drive along Beach Road to Glenn’s Point. Up until 1870 this was known as Whaler’s Point, as it was near the site of the Rivoli Bay Whaling Station, set up sometime in the 183’s by the Henty Brothers from Portland. The cairn making this site was erected in 1970 by the late Tom McCourt. The point was renamed after George Glenn, an earlier pioneer of the district.


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