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Kalangadoo Farm Gate

Farm Gates Sales

* Aitken Cherries can be found off the Kalangadoo House Road. Opening from December to January annually Ph 08 8739 3060

* Kalangadoo Organic sells fresh apples from February to May Annually and throughout the year sells their infamous Apple Juice. Grafted apple trees, modern and heritage varieties Located on Old Kalangadoo Penola Road. Ph 08 87372028  or email mccoll@penola.limestonecoast.net

*Lowe Potatoes - 20 kg and 40kg of unwashed red potatoes Ph 08 87393189

*Mirnat Orchard is where you can find fresh apples for sale from February to June. Visitors welcome all year round, with numerous apply jelly and other products available  Ph  08 8739 3278 


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