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Nangwarry Forest Information Walk

Forest Information Walk

1.5km walk among original plantings. Free entry.

Origin of name: of Aboriginal origin, from "ngrang ware" meaning path to the cave. It was first used as the name of a homestead, then the Hundred of Nangwarry.

Brief history: in 1939 a power station was erected to supply a timber mill, which was built in 1940. The town grew out of a demand for housing for the labourers who travelled to the area for work, many in the forest. The Government established homes, schools and shops. Migrants made up the biggest percentage of the population in what was to become a multicultural community.

The Arboretum Trail walk passes 1,000 metres through small groves of mature forest trees. Information signs are posted at various points along the trail that describe the development of forestry in the South East. The Arboretum, mainly planted in 1934 provides a practical comparison into the growth of various pine and eucalypt species and native wildlife may also be seen along the trail.

Walk is classified as easy pace, distance 1,000 metres and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Pets are allowed in the forest but must be under control at all times or kept on a leash.

Horse riding requires a permit from the Ranger.

Nangwarry Forestry Work  Pine Logs from Forest in Nangwarry


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