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Walking Trails

Beachport Walking Trails

Walking Trail brochures are available at the Beachport Visitor Information Centre or download your Costal Trailing brochure here


Jack & Hilda McArthur Walk             

Time: 45min Grade: Easy

This picturesque walk in the Beachport Conservation Park takes you under a canopy of trees around the shores of Woolley Lake. The short detour to the lookout offers rewarding panoramic views of Beachport, Lake George, the Southern Ocean, the Woakwine Ranges and Rivoli Bay. 

Lanky’s Walk                                   

Time: 30min Grade: Easy

Located in Railway Terrace toward the entrance to the Beachport Conservation Park. Follow a well-defined path through natural bush with a diverse variety of native plants. At the end of this walk is Lanky’s Well, which was dug to provide water for the Police horses. Lanky Kana, a member of the local Buandik people, was employed by the Police as a tracker.  Part of his duties included the care of the horses and he also camped by the well, hence the name. 

Chambers Walk                                 

Time: 30min Grade: Easy

Take a stroll along the beach front walk from the jetty to the outlet and experience the ever changing moods of Rivoli Bay. 

Lighthouse Walk & Lookout             

Time: 5 min Grade: Easy

A short walk through the dunes passing the Cape Martin lighthouse and overlooking the boatyard, home to the local rock lobster boats during winter. The Penguin Island Lighthouse was built in 1878 and the ruins are visible from the lookout.  Penguin Island is a sanctuary and home to Fairy Penguins and other sea birds. The Cape Martin lighthouse was established on the mainland in 1960. 

Beachport Centennial Park & Lagoon             

Time: 30 min Grade: Easy

Located in the centre of town, the lagoon has been developed by Council and offers a pleasant walk, playgrounds, BBQs and sporting facilities. Spur Winged Plover, Teal Duck, Silver Gull, Cormorant, White Faced Herron and Black Duck visit the lagoon.  In 2013 a range of sculptures representing local wildlife located in and around the lagoon.  

Wendy’s Walk                                                 

Time: 45min Grade: Moderate

Access located from Foster Street, climb halfway up the stairs and turn right at post number 2. All markers are pine posts with a patch, number and arrow. The track winds through the natural bush land with views over the township and bay then crosses the scenic drive to follow the walkway to the road. Cross the road and return via the back of the Southern Ocean Tourist Park or follow the road back to post number 5 and retrace your steps to Foster Street. 


Walks Around Millicent

Walking Trail brochures are available at the Millicent Visitor Information Centre or download your copy here.

Some of the spectacular and excitingwalks that Millicent have to offer are:


Historic Walk through Millicent 

(3km) - 30 min - Moderate

Enjoy a short stroll through Millicent’s streets and see our historic buildings, beautiful town gardens and artist street murals depicting the history of the town.


Coola Outstation Historical Hike  

8.5 km 45 mins- Moderate 

 This walking trail loop passes coastal vegetation, early farm machinery, wetlands (via a boardwalk) and the ruins of Coola Outstation to the shores of Lake Bonney. Along the way, splendid views of the lake, dunes and farm lands are captured.



Lake McIntyre

A project funded by the local Council, Lake McIntyre is a native wildlife and vegetation reserve. It has been created from an old quarry in which a spring was disturbed. The area is now a haven for birds and bird hides are provided. There are free barbecues and picnic areas, walking trails and toilets. Open daily until dusk. Free entry.

Please click here to view the brochure

Or visit the website lakemcintyre.com.au

Penola Walk with History

Walk with History

A Heritage walk, marked by posts with Heritage badges and green arrows, takes you past the major places of historic interest in the township. A brochure for this is available at the Visitor Information Centre. Visitors will also enjoy exploring Penolas art galleries, specialty shops and restaurants, many of which are open 7 days a week.


Walk with History   History Walk   History Walk Penola


Southend Walking Trails

 Walking Trail brochures are available at the Beachport Visitor Information Centre or download your Costal Trailing brochure here

Cape Buffon Walk

Time: 45min Grade: Easy

This loop walk highlights how the forces of wind and waves have shaped the limestone cliffs, sea stacks, reef platforms, and vegetation along the coast. Cape Buffon shows the effects of wind and water on layers of soft rock under harder rock with undercut cliffs and eroding edges.


Seaview Hike

Time: 3.5Hr Grade: Moderate

The seaview hike showcases coastal features such as spectacular rock formations, sandy beaches, seabirds and a myriad of plants, while offering stunning scenic views of the coastal environment. The blue-green Coastal Daisy Bush Olearia axillaris features commonly along the walk. Evidence of wombats and Echidnas in the form of burrows and scratching are often visible.  


Willichum Lookout Hike

Time: 45min Grade: Moderate

Willichum is the Boandik Aboriginal word for the ‘southern end’ of Rivoli Bay. Splendid panoramic views of the bay, the national park, and rocky cliffs reward walkers who reach the viewing platform. The dune on which the lookout is situated was once drifting sand pushed up by relentless south-easterly winds. Plant life has stabilised the area and formed a layer of soil.


Nangwarry Forest Information Walk

Forest Information Walk

1.5km walk among original plantings. Free entry.

Origin of name: of Aboriginal origin, from "ngrang ware" meaning path to the cave. It was first used as the name of a homestead, then the Hundred of Nangwarry.

Brief history: in 1939 a power station was erected to supply a timber mill, which was built in 1940. The town grew out of a demand for housing for the labourers who travelled to the area for work, many in the forest. The Government established homes, schools and shops. Migrants made up the biggest percentage of the population in what was to become a multicultural community.

The Arboretum Trail walk passes 1,000 metres through small groves of mature forest trees. Information signs are posted at various points along the trail that describe the development of forestry in the South East. The Arboretum, mainly planted in 1934 provides a practical comparison into the growth of various pine and eucalypt species and native wildlife may also be seen along the trail.

Walk is classified as easy pace, distance 1,000 metres and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Pets are allowed in the forest but must be under control at all times or kept on a leash.

Horse riding requires a permit from the Ranger.

Nangwarry Forestry Work  Pine Logs from Forest in Nangwarry

Ghost Mushroom Lane

Ghost Mushrooms

ForestrySA is invites members of the public to visit Ghost Mushroom Lane after dark during May and June and experience the glow of the mushroom for themselves.


For Informaiton and Maps on the Trail go to https://www.forestrysa.com.au/ghostmushrooms/ 


Ghost Mushroom   Image result for ghost mushroom


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