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Further vandalism at Millicent Swimming Lake

Further vandalism at Millicent Swimming Lake

14 February 2017

Despite ongoing requests to the public, vandalism at the Millicent Swimming Lake continues with damage to gates, fencing and litter over the weekend.  Of particular concern is the deliberate removal of sand bags from the floor of the Lake.

“At Christmas time, Council officers discovered a small hole in the floor of the Lake.  Since then, sand bags have been placed over the hole to limit the water lost from the Lake and prevent further damage” explained Peter Halton, Director of Engineering Services.

“Each time the sand bags are moved or emptied, the hole becomes slightly larger.  We are at the stage that if there is further interference, then the Lake will need to be closed and drained.”

Police officers were called to the Millicent Swimming Lake on Sunday evening to speak to four teenagers who were caught emptying the sand bags.  This was the fourth occurrence over the two days, causing disruption to swimmers and impacting on the water levels in the Lake.

The swimming season usually continues until the end of March, depending on the weather, however if the sand bags cannot be kept in place, there will be no option but to close the Lake.  Patrons are asked to contact SA Police on 131 444 if they observe drinking, unsociable behaviour or vandalism at the Lake.





For further information please contact:

Director Engineering Services, Peter Halton

Email:                      peh@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0901 or 0439 283 918            


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