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Dredging technology to be trialled at Beachport

2 March 2017

Council will trial the use of a dredging pump suspended from a crane to relocate sand from the Beachport Boat Ramp to nearby beaches.  The trial will allow Council to understand the effectiveness of dredging without the high mobilisation costs associated with a traditional barge-based dredge. 

In the past, Council has used long-reach excavators and trucks to relocate sand from the basin.  However, this is time consuming and there are several areas that are unable to be reached with an excavator.

During the trial next week, two agitators connected to the drag flow pump will stir up the sand to make a slurry.  The pump will draw up the slurry and discharge it through a large floating pipe onto or near the beach.

As this is a trial, the sand is likely to be placed in several different locations along the Beachport foreshore.  This is likely to include the beaches between the boat ramp and the jetty.  The discharge sites and surrounding areas will be monitored during the trial.  Some local short term scouring may occur due to the water being pumped, however natural wave action will spread the sand back into the immediate area.

Following the trial, Council will evaluate the success of the trial based on a number of factors including ease of handling, access in bad weather, the volume of sand relocated, the total cost of the trial, the positive and negative impacts on the community and the potential outcomes for the environment.

Equipment for the trial will start arriving from Monday 6 March, with dredging likely to be undertaken on Wednesday 8 and Thursday 9 March.  The boat ramp will not be closed for the trial, however there may be delays for users wishing to launch and retrieve boats while the drag flow is in operation.  Operating times will depend on the weather and sea conditions, however works are scheduled from 7.30 am to 6 pm.

An information sheet about the trial can be found on Council’s website.



For further information please contact:

Peter Halton, Director Engineering Services
Email:                      peh@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0901 or 0439 283 918


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