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Millicent community urged to support Christmas Eve celebration

11 July 2017

Wattle Range Council is seeking community members and groups interested in taking on the direction and management of the Millicent Christmas Eve Street Party from 2017 and into the future.

Community events are at their best when they are driven by the community.  Wattle Range Council will continue to make a financial contribution towards Millicent’s Christmas celebrations, along with in kind support, but would like the community of Millicent to steer the celebrations.

Over the last two years a small group of community members have been working together to help make the event occur. Council would like to further involve the community in the direction and management of future events; be that through an incorporated community group, service clubs or establishing a working party.
Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Ben Gower said: “Millicent at Christmas time is a vibrant place to be. What better way to add to that, than by bringing community groups together to coordinate their own celebrations?
“The Christmas Eve Street party has been a family fun event in the past and needs community direction to carry the tradition on into the future,” he said.

Those that are keen to be involved in the future of Millicent Christmas celebrations are called to join a public meeting held in the Millicent Civic & Arts Centre Supper Room on Tuesday, 25 July at 6 pm.

Alternatively, written submissions will be accepted by Council no later than 5 pm on July, 25 2017. 


For further information please contact:

Steve Chapple – Director Development Services
Email:                      council@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0900 or 0427 946 783


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