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Planning Students Tour Wattle Range

26 June 2019
Wattle Range Council has for the second time in 12-months hosted a visit by the University of South Australia. This time with third and fourth-year students studying Urban and Regional Planning, who visited the Limestone Coast for three days in the beginning of May.
Accompanied by Program Director Andrew Allan, the students met with Council’s Chief Executive Officer and key Development Services and Economic Development staff and were given a briefing on issues relevant to planning and development across the Council area.
Council staff then accompanied the students on a guided bus tour of the Wattle Range region providing a detailed examination of development issues and opportunities for the individual townships and their surrounding districts. 
This included a visit to Yallum Park, where owner Andy Clifford invited the students to look at new developments and the existing interior of the building, and was able to discuss first hand the implications of planning and development on a heritage listed site. Along with a discussion with Penola locals Councillor Rick Paltridge and Wendy Hollick, who outlined potential projects in the Penola region.
That evening the Mayor, CEO and staff joined the students for an informal evening where further discussions were held regarding regional employment opportunities and potential Council initiated planning projects that students may wish to be involved with.
Wattle Range Council Mayor, Des Noll said “The students were very engaging and interested. Long term opportunities exist to have these students work alongside communities and Council staff examining projects that are relevant to their longer-term studies.”
“This Council initiated relationship has resulted in three of the students coming back to us since the tour wanting to be involved in matters across the Council area. It was interesting to note that most students were not aware of existing gaps that exist within Local Government for planning staff,” CEO Ben Gower added.
"The main aim for this initiative is to reverse the trend of our younger residents leaving the region for the big smoke, and it is really pleasing to see some genuine interest in employment opportunities in our region."
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