Responsible Pet Ownership


Council has resolved not to be actively involved in Cat Management.  However, if you are experiencing issues in relation to nuisance cats, please do not hesitate to contact Council's General Inspectors on 8733 0900 to discuss your issues. 

Homeless Cats Campaign

There are around half a million homeless cats in SA and this number is growing daily.

Homeless cats are usually domestic cats who are lost or abandoned. Many are frequently or infrequently fed by well intentioned animal lovers but unfortunately this behaviour simply extends a lifestyle of danger, disease, discomfort and illness.

This website seeks to provide some helpful facts and figures + suggestions about what we can all do to reduce the number of homeless cats in our State.

We also encourage you to join the discussion, provide your views and see what other like minded cat lovers are saying on their forum.

Food alone isn’t love! A cat needs all the benefits of a loving home. And you can help.


It is required by law that all dogs are to be registered at the age of three (3) months. Dog registrations expire on the 30th June each year and must be renewed by 31 August.

Registration renewal notices are sent to you each year. If a dog over three months is unregistered, the person who owns or is responsible for the control of the dog is guilty of an offence and may be fined. In addition, that person may receive a further fine for every fourteen days that the offence continues. The registered owner must be a person sixteen years or over, and that person must inform the Council as soon as possible if:

  • the dog is moved to a different premises;

  • the dog dies, or is missing for more than 72 hours;

  • ownership of the dog is transferred to another person. New owners have fourteen days to register a dog, after which they can be fined if the dog remains unregistered. The dog must wear a collar with a registration disc securely attached when in a public place as a means of identification. It is a good idea to follow the lead of many responsible dog owners who further identify their dogs by adding a telephone number or address.

A Concession card must be presented in order for the Concession fees to apply. The concession fee is applicable for 2 dogs only per card holder.

A desexing certificate or proof of desexing must be presented before Desexed fees apply. This concession does not apply for a working dog.

A person registering their dog as a working dog must complete a Working Dog Application Form to prove that their dog is used principally for droving or tending stock.

From July 1, 2018 all dog registrations will be kept on a statewide database, Dogs and Cats Online. Owners will be able to login online any time and update their contact details in oen place, pay annual dog registration renewals and notify councils if their dog has gone missing. All registered dogs will be issued with a lifetime registration number on a disc.

Limit on Dog Numbers

Council has a Dogs By-Law which limits the number of dogs that can be kept at premises. For a premise in a township, the By-Law allows a maximum of two dogs. The maximum number of dogs that can be kept at a premise outside of a township is three dogs, with the exception of working dogs.

Should you wish to keep more than the prescribed number of dogs, an application to Council must be made:

Dogs Application to keep more than 2 Dogs(179 kb)  

Straying Dogs 

A dog is considered to be 'wandering at large' if the dog is in a public place or private place without the consent of the occupier and nobody is exercising effective control of the dog. A person is considered to be exercising effective control if:

  • the dog is held or tethered on a chain, cord or leash no longer than two metres, or

  • the person is able to see the dog and be close enough to give commands that the dog would obey, or

  • the dog is contained in a vehicle or other structure.

Expiation Notices can be issued if you dog is found to be 'wandering at large'.

Fees & Charges - Environment - DOG REGISTRATION

Fee or Charge Description



Standard Dog   $30.00
Standard Dog - Concession   $15.00
Non Standard Dog   $60.00
Non Standard Dog - Concession   $30.00
Working Dog   $30.00
Business Registration (Breeding/Training Kennels)   $210.00
Assistance Dog   no charge
Late Registration Penalty Fee   $20.00
% Rebate for Partial Year Registration-new dog only- (after 1st January)   50%
Impounding Fee   $55.00
Daily Holding Fee   $15.00
Impounded Dog - Microchipping by Council Staff   $20.00
Application fee for multi dog applications (more than 2)   $50.00
Possum/Dog/Cat Cage Deposit Fee   $50.00
Possum/Dog/Cat Cage Fee (Per Day)   $2.00