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Nangwarry Pool

Nangwarry Pool Refurbishment

Council has been working with the Nangwarry community to discuss options for the town’s pool.  Due to low swimmer numbers and ageing infrastructure, Council proposed demolition of the pool.  However the overwhelming response from the Nangwarry community has been in favour of retaining the pool.  There has also been a significant effort by the community to raise funds towards the upgrade and running costs.

Latest News

27 November 2017

Refurbishment works at the Nangwarry Pool are progressing well, with Stage 1 now complete.  This stage included removal of the old tiles and render, demolition of the dividing wall in the toddler pool, repair of the concrete core holes, installing new edge tiles around the large pool and rendering the surface with a ‘pebble-crete’.  This week the preparation of the pool surface will commence and painting is on track for December (weather permitting).

Nangwarry Pool New Tiles

7 November 2017

Works have now commenced on the concrete repairs and resurfacing of the Nangwarry pool. Today the demolition works started, which will include removing the tiles around the large pool and the dividing wall from the toddler pool.
The replacement of the tiles and new rendering will be undertaken during November. The pool surface will then be prepared for painting. It is expected that painting will be completed during December.
Once the painting works are completed, the pools will be filled and the upgrade to the chlorine system will commence. At this stage, it is likely that works will be completed in late February or early March. There are no plans to open the pool for this swimming season.
To avoid any delays to the refurbishment works, the community are asked to stay away from the construction site and direct any enquiries to Council on (08) 8733 0901.

13 September 2017

Due to a very efficient tender process, Council was able to consider the tenders for the refurbishment of the Nangwarry Pool a month earlier than anticipated.  At the Council Meeting held on 12 September 2017, Council resolved to award both the chlorine system upgrade and concrete repairs and painting contracts to State Wide Pool Services.  These works come within the $150,000 budget allocated by Council.

Officers will now work with the successful contractor to negotiate the contracts and develop a timeline for works to commence. Council staff will continue to meet regularly with the Nangwarry Community on this project.

The Nangwarry Community are keen to start planting some shelter trees on the Riddoch Highway side of the pool and would appreciate any assistance.  If you are willing to help out, please contact Manager Environmental Services, Lauren Oxlade on (08) 8733 0901.

29 August 2017

In May 2017, Council resolved to:

  1. Council consider an allocation of $150,000 towards the 2017/18 Budget for renovations to the Nangwarry Swimming Pool.
  2. Quotations sought by Council are to be brought back to Council for consideration prior to a decision to proceed with Capital Works.
  3. If the quotes together with community funds indicate that the pool cannot be brought to a safe standard within the $150,000 budget that Council proceed with demolition and returns the site to parkland.
  4. If the pool is brought to a safe standard then the operating season be limited to the three months December to February.

Since the meeting, $150,000 has been allocated in the capital works budget for 2017/18.  Council officers have called for tenders for both the concrete repairs and painting and the chlorine upgrade.  Tenders have now closed and are being considered by an evaluation panel that includes a member of the Save the Nangwarry Pool Committee.

The next steps will be to meet with the Save the Nangwarry Pool Committee and present the quotes to Council and ensure that the project can be completed within the $150,000 budget.

If approved, the works will be completed by 31 March 2018 and the pool will be open for the 2018/19 swimming season.

Council will next consider this matter in October 2017.  To sign up to the mailing list for updates on the upgrade to the Nangwarry Pool, please enter your details below.

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Nangwarry Pool Community Vision

The Nangwarry community have started brainstorming ideas for a 10 year master plan for the pool.  We welcome your suggestions by email to engineering@wattlerange.sa.gov.au.

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