Council Assessment Panel

The Council Assessment Panel (CAP) is a committee that considers and makes decisions regarding development applications on behalf of Council. The CAP is one of the authorities that can make impartial and transparent development assessment decisions on more complex developments and on those matters which may be prescribed by regulations.  Council's Planning Officers refer relevant applications to the CAP for consideration.

CAP Members


Member Name

Independent Member (Presiding Member)Elizabeth Travers
Independent Member Michael Talanskas
Independent Member Meg Redman
Independent Member Mark Teakle
Independent Member (Member of Council)Cr. Peter Dunnicliff
Deputy Independent MemberMichael Shillabeer
Deputy Independent MemberVacant

Code of Conduct

The Minister for Planning has adopted an Assessment Panel Members - Code of Conduct to be observed by all members of the CAP.

Other Procedures

A number of relevant documents apply to the operation of the panel, including:

Meeting Schedule

The Council Assessment Panel meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 9.30am

18 February 2020 - CANCELLED18 August 2020 CANCELLED
17 March 202015 September 2020 CANCELLED
21 April 2020  - CANCELLED20 October 2020
19 May 202017 November 2020
16 June 202015 December 2020
21 July 2020

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