Naming of Unnamed Roadways

Council is seeking feedback on the proposed naming of three (3) unnamed roadways, located in the areas of:

  • Southend (proposed name ‘Christina Smith Drive’);
  • Burrungle (road name suggestions invited); and
  • Wattle Range (proposed name ‘J A Lane’).


A recent subdivision in Southend, approximately 700m from the township area along Southend Access Road, has been completed, with an unnamed road being constructed in stages. Stage 1 has now been completed and requires a name. It has been proposed by the developer to name the road ‘Christina Smith Drive’ in memory of the late Christina Smith who was an important member of the early Southend Community with the developers of the land being direct descendants.

Map - Unnamed Road Southend


A new road is being constructed in the Burrungle area, located just off the intersection between Fartch Road and Princes Highway. No names suggestions have been put forward for this roadway.

Map Unnamed Road Burrungle

Wattle Range

The final road is located to the east of Oneils Lane, directly opposite Cootes Road. The adjacent landowners have suggested the road be named ‘J A Lane’ in memory of the deceased grandfather of the current property owners.

Map - Unnamed Road Wattle Range

In accordance with Council’s Community Engagement Policy (Policy 1.5) and the Naming of Roads Policy (Policy 5.1), the public is invited to comment and make formal representation to Council on the two road name proposals and provide suggestions for the third.

Written submissions marked ‘Unnamed Roads’ can be:

and will be received by Council until 5 pm on Thursday 27 February 2020.

Please note that all comments, including the names of those responding, may be tabled at a public meeting of Council unless otherwise indicated by the respondent in which case their details are to be excluded from publication.