Applications, Forms, Licenses and Permits

The following is a list of various application, licence and permit forms used by Council.

Should you require any assistance in locating a particular form or require assistance in completing and lodging the form please contact Council on 08 8733 0900 or via email

Keep up to date with the Lower South East, Fire Danger Season dates

Residents are reminded that during this time they are required to obtain a permit from Council in order to light any fire, including fires for campfires and fires for warmth and comfort purposes.

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Important Information for Fire Permits

During March and April Council issues permits under the provisions of the Fire & Emergency Services Act 2005 for the purpose of burning standing grass and stubble.

Landholders are reminded that they must pre-register their properties prior to any permits being issued.

Smoke from these burn-offs may make driving hazardous in some areas. Caution should be taken when driving through these areas. Any unattended fires should be reported to 000 immediately.

For information relating to Fire Danger Ratings or Bans call 1800 362 361, or visit

You can now apply online for a 24th Hour Fire Permit - Ninth Schedule

For all permit inquiries, please contact Council’s Fire Prevention Officers on 08 8733 0900.

Wattle Range Council’s road network facilitates a diverse range of vehicles and vehicle configurations. Many heavy vehicles have general access to the local road network (apart from roads with posted weight limits).

Heavy vehicles that are Over Sized, Over Mass or both (generally referred to as OSOM) typically require approval to use specific routes.

All OSOM approvals are coordinated via the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

All applications for use of Council roads by OSOM vehicles must be lodged with the NHVR in the first instance. The NHVR will then refer your application to Council for comment.

The NHVR can be contacted at:

Should you require further information please contact Council on 8733 0901.

Council is able to issue permits to collect fallen timber from certain roadsides within the Council area outside the Fire Danger Season. There are a number of roadsides that collection of fallen timber is not allowed and permits will not be issued for.

Permits can be obtained from Council offices and are available only to residents of the Wattle Range Council area intending to use the timber collected for personal household use only. Applicants must pay the applicable fee and provide the following information on application of a permit:

  • Full Name
  • Residential Address
  • Location of proposed collection (Road Name and section of road intending to collect from)

Permits are issued in accordance with section 221 of the Local Government Act 1999 and permit holders are required to abide by the conditions listed on their permit. Conditions may include and are not limited to:

  • the permit holder must carry their authority with them whilst collecting wood, and it must be presented on demand;
  • a permit is valid for a period of one (1) month from the date of issue;
  • collection or cutting of fallen timber is not permitted on any fire ban day;
  • Council does not accept responsibility for any actions or claims resulting from the issue of the permit;
  • timber is only permitted for personal use and is not to be sold or given to other persons;
  • standing trees (living or dead) are not to be cut or removed;
  • hollow logs are not permitted to be taken or tampered with in any way.

Permit holders must always refer to the conditions listed on the permit issued to them. Failure to abide by permit conditions may result in penalties being applied.

Fee or Charge DescriptionGST2019/20
Authority to collect roadside firewood