Council adopts plan for disability inclusion

18th March 2020
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Staff members Janice Nitschke & Anne Schumacher participate in a workshop exercise during the development of Council's Disability Access & Inclusion Plan.

Wattle Range Council is one of the first in the state to adopt a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) as required under new legislation.

Mayor Des Noll said: ”Wattle Range Council is committed to building strong communities which have friendly and welcoming places. The aim of our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan is to provide equity of access and inclusion to all services, facilities, functions, events and information provided by our Council. People with disabilities have the right to inclusion and equality by accessing and participating in all aspects of community life. “

Council’s CEO Ben Gower highlighted the benefits of having the Plan: ”Our Disability Access and Inclusion Plan provides Council with a systematic approach to identify and address the barriers to access and inclusion faced by people with disabilities in our communities. We can then develop strategies that meet the participation and service needs of these people.”

“The plan is a dynamic document that recognises community and cultural diversity and acknowledges the valuable contribution of everyone to the social and economic fabric of our society,” Mr Gower said.

The plan was prepared in collaboration with the community, with consultation meetings and a survey that resulted in 133 responses, highlighting the importance of having a plan. A list of proposed actions has been developed and will be considered in Council’s annual budget planning processes.

2016 Census data records the Wattle Range Council area as having a population of 11,677. 18.5 percent of this population were identified as either directly needing assistance due to severe or profound disability or as being primary carers.

The DAIP is available on the Council website at and any enquiries regarding the plan and proposed actions can be made with Council’s Director Development Services, Steve Chapple.

For further information please contact:

Steve Chapple, Director Development Services
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0900