Council considers tourism review report

16th June 2020

A consultant’s report detailing a comprehensive review of business operations at all 3 of Council’s Visitor Information Centres was tabled at this month’s Council meeting.

Acting CEO Paul Duka stated: “Council had identified the need to review its Visitor Information Centre services, ensuring we continue to provide a quality service that meets changing community requirements and the expectations of visitors to the region.”

In Late 2019, consulting firm Komosion, was commissioned to develop this Visitor Information Centre review. The review focussed on 4 key strategic pillars:

  1. Realign – Services, resources and models with visitor flows and behaviours, in some cases by prioritising levels of service or introducing mobile services and/or digital signage.
  2. Reimagine – The role of Visitor Centre’s within the end- to- end visitor experience, supporting visitors through every stage of their journey, from awareness to revisit, advocacy and even towards possible tree/sea change.
  3. Redesign – The 'in-store' Visitor Centre layout, offering an experience that is relevant, engaging and modern- to become a centre of inspiration where visitors can get a taste of the range of experiences the local area has to offer
  4. Reconnect – Visitor Centres with the local business communities, partner organisations, regional bodies and cross-border strategies- in some cases establishing the Centre as a community and business hub.

“The review was comprehensive and suggested a number of recommendations that align with the strategic pillars,” Mr Duka said.

He went on to say that, “The document will be reviewed by staff and a report will be brought back to Council at a future meeting, outlining a plan for which recommendations should be progressed.”

In the interim, Mr Duka stressed: “It is business as usual, and there are no changes to any of the functions, services and operational hours of any of the Visitor Information Centres at this time”.

For further information please contact:

Paul Duka, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0900