Landowners reminded of stormwater management obligations

30th July 2020

Council is reminding residents of their obligation to manage their stormwater and ensure it is stored or correctly discharged so it does not affect other landholders.

Director Development Services, Steve Chapple says: “Each year we receive a number of complaints from residents in regard to stormwater entering their property from a neighbouring property. In some cases, it has impacted foundations of dwellings, fences or sheds.

“Residents are encouraged to speak with their neighbours before contacting Council if there is an issue. Often it happens due to a broken gutter, especially a box gutter on a boundary that the owner may not be aware of and it can be quickly rectified,” said Mr Chapple.

If the matter can’t be resolved between neighbours, then Council can use its powers under the Development Act to ensure the landowner causing the problem has it fixed.

It is a Council condition of approval for developments that stormwater be managed and contained with the subject property. This can be achieved by tanks with an overflow to a soakage trench or by discharging stormwater into the street network if one is available.

”It is important for residents to check to ensure their own stormwater is not pooling around their own foundations or flooding parts of their land,” Mr Chapple added.

“Now is a good time for residents to check and clean their gutters, fix any broken downpipes and even check small ancillary outbuildings like woodsheds and chook yards to ensure they are not running water into any inappropriate areas on their property or that of their neighbours.”

For further information please contact:

Steve Chapple, Director Development Services
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0900