Millicent Saleyards continue COVID-safe practices

23rd July 2020

The Millicent Stock Saleyards has continued to operate successfully whilst trading under COVID-19 conditions. Since the introduction of these restrictions, the Millicent Saleyards has held its regular fortnightly sales, with good cattle numbers and prices being achieved.

Wattle Range Council CEO Ben Gower said: “Council has been very pleased with not only the amount of activity that’s been experienced at the Saleyards during these normally quiet months, but also the way the vendors, buyers and agents have dealt with the restricted trading conditions.

“Council made the decision very early in the pandemic to restrict the sale days to essential persons only; the requirement for the registration of all persons on-site during a sale, social distancing and hygiene protocols, as well as appropriate signage.”

“Based on the current situation, and the obvious concerns around the potential for a second COVID-19 wave, Council will continue to operate under these restricted conditions for future sale days” Mr Gower concluded.

For further information please contact:

Ben Gower, Chief Executive Officer
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0900