Millicent Saleyards to relax its COVID-19 measures

12th October 2020
The general public will again be able to attend market sales at the Millicent Saleyards.

This week the Millicent Saleyards will once again open its doors to vendors and the general public after several months of being restricted to buyers, agents and staff only.

Wattle Range Council CEO Ben Gower said, “The Millicent Saleyards have continued to operate successfully whilst trading under COVID-19 conditions. Since the introduction of these restrictions, the regular fortnightly sales have continued, with good cattle numbers and prices being achieved."

“Based on the current situation, Council considers it appropriate that we now look to relax some of the COVID-19 conditions and return operations back to some level of normality. So, from this week Council will now also allow both vendors and the general public to attend sale days again,” Mr Gower explained.

“This will be on the provision that all those attending will be required to sign in with their contact details upon arrival, wear a face mask whilst in the selling area, and of course observe social distancing requirements.

“We know this will be good news for all those who’ve been unable to attend sale days since March this year, and I also know the buyers, agents and Council staff are also looking forward to seeing the familiar faces back at the Millicent Saleyards complex,” Mr Gower concluded.

For further information please contact:

Ben Gower, Chief Executive Officer
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0900