Millicent's 150th celebrations on hold

12th October 2020
Planned events for Millicent's 150th anniversary have been postponed but contributions to a time capsule and collection of historic images are invited.
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Library volunteer Nan Minty scans historic images of Millicent in readiness for the anniversary display.

The township of Millicent is celebrating its 150th year in 2020.

Wattle Range Council staff have continued to work towards a number of major projects to celebrate Millicent’s anniversary, all whilst considering the impacts of COVID-19.

A major week-long musical event that was planned for the Civic and Arts Centre has had to be cancelled along with an event that was proposed for the Domain area with stalls, displays and activities.

Mayor Noll said, “We are committed to celebrating this momentous milestone for Millicent, but we need to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community during these unprecedented times. It has been decided that to ensure we celebrate Millicent’s milestone in an appropriate manner, we will see that these larger scale celebratory events occur when the impacts of COVID-19 are diminished and restrictions have eased allowing for our exciting proposals to take shape.”

Council’s CEO Ben Gower has identified one project that should be able to continue in the shorter term. “To ensure we collect and retain items acknowledging the 150th year, Council is calling for material to be considered for a time capsule installation in the new Domain area as a part of the celebration,” Mr Gower explained.

“We hope to open an existing time capsule that was donated by Kimberley Clark Australia  when the Millicent Library complex was built, display the contents, then refill the capsule with those same items and new ones for opening in many years’ time,” he said.

Local schools, clubs, organisations and individuals are encouraged to contact Library staff at with their ideas and contributions for inclusion in the time capsule. Council staff will then collate and consider the ideas and determine the design and space needed within the capsule for commitment.

Council’s Manager Libraries and Cultural Services Janice Nitschke also plans to display a host of photographic images depicting the history of Millicent at the Library. She will be working with local history groups and other organisations to collect and arrange the images for display. “We are aware that there are many other images in the community in private collections, albums or even shoe boxes that should be copied and kept for future generations,” Mrs Nitschke said.

“If you, or other members of the community have any of these precious images, please contact the library staff so that we can arrange for digital copies to be made,” she added.

“The photographic display will be an exciting opportunity for the collection and retention, of so much of Millicent’s history. They are important historical snapshots that could be lying around in houses and sheds that need to see the light of day. We very are eager to preserve as much of this material as we can for future generations to see.”

For further information please contact:

Janice Nitschke, Manager Libraries and Cultural Services
Telephone:                (08) 8733 0903