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Prepare for the summer heat

With summer underway it is important that we prepare for heatwaves to ensure that we stay safe and well during these times. There are some simple things you can do to reduce the impact of extreme heat:

-   Drink plenty of fluids

-   Check on elderly relatives, friends and neighbours

-   Keep homes cool

-   Limit outdoor activities to mornings and evenings

-   Wear light, loose-fitting clothing, as well as a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

-   Ensure babies and young children stay out of the sun and are provided with extra fluids

-   Never leave children or pets unattended in the car

-   Make use of airconditioned public facilities such as shopping centres, cinemas and libraries.

-   Cordless landline telephones do not work during power outages, make sure you have alternative means of communication

-   Consider the safety of your pets and animals. Wet them down and ensure they are kept cool

Visit the SA SES Heatsafe website  


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