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Change to Kerbside Collection Service Provider

Change to Kerbside Collection Service Provider

From Wednesday 21 March 2018, Cleanaway will be providing Council’s kerbside collection service.  There will be no changes to collection days.  However in the early stages bins may be collected later than before.  Residents are asked to have their bins out by 6am and be patient if they are not collected at their usual time.

All customer service enquiries will be handled directly by Cleanaway and not by Council.  This means that if your bin is missed, you receive notice of contamination, your bin is lost or stolen, you will need to contact Cleanaway.  There is a dedicated number and email for Wattle Range Council kerbside waste collection enquiries:

Kerbside Collection Enquiries

Phone  |  1300 410 896
Email   |   wrc@cleanaway.com.au

For residents with a private waste collection (not paid for on your Council rates), Veolia and Cleanaway will both continue to provide these services.  Please contact your provider directly if you have any queries about your private collection.


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