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Elected Members

Wattle Range Council comprises a Mayor elected at large by the whole community and 11 Ward Councillors elected by the community of the respective wards. 


Council Members 2018/2022


Back (left to right): Cr Peter Dunnicliff, Cr Graham Slarks, Cr Dean Burrow, Cr Kevin McGrath, Cr Deb Agnew, Cr Glenn Brown (resigned June 2019), Cr John Drew.

Front (left to right): Cr Rick Paltridge, Cr Sharon Cox, Ben Gower (Chief Executive Officer), Mayor Des Noll, Cr Moira Neagle, Cr Dale Price.

Cr. Dennis Muhovics (elected September 2019) 


Chief Executive Officer - Mr Ben Gower 


Elections are conducted every four years and the most recent general election was held in November 2018. 

Our current Elected Members are:-

Mayor -  Des Noll

Kintore Ward - Cr. Peter Dunnicliff and Cr. Kevin McGrath
Riddoch Ward - Cr. Dean Burrow and Cr. Rick Paltridge
Corcoran Ward - Cr. Dennis MuhovicsCr. Sharon CoxCr. John Drew, Cr. Moira Neagle (Deputy Mayor) and Cr. Graham Slarks
Sorby Adams Ward - Cr. Dale Price and Cr. Deb Agnew

Cr Glenn Brown resigned from the postion of Deputy Mayor in May, 2019.  Cr. Moria Neagle was appointed Deputy Mayor until January 2021. 

The Council electoral wards (refer to Council map below) comprise the following representation on the Council -

  • Corcoran Ward - 5 Councillors
  • Riddoch Ward - 2 Councillors
  • Sorby Adams Ward - 2 Councillors
  • Kintore Ward - 2 Councillors

Ward Map




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