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Beachport Jetty

Beachport Jetty

The Beachport Jetty is the second longest in the state measuring 772 metres. The jetty is also a well known place for catching a prized fish.

 Construction of the Jetty was commenced in 1878 and was originally intended to be 4,000 feet long with a T head, but owing to many problems with the contractors and Government Architect, the Jetty was not completed until 1882. The final structure was not all that satisfactory and the removal of the T head and a section of the Jetty resulted in the present day Jetty, which is approximately 2536 feet (772 metres) in length. In 1974-1975 the Government proposed to demolish the outer section of the Jetty, because they said that it was unsafe. The residents of Beachport came together and protested and kept watch to make sure that it didn’t happen. The outer end of the Jetty was taken over by the District Council of Beachport and repaired, and was leased by Wattle Range Council until it was handed back to the Department of Transport Marine Facilities.

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