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St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church is the Original Church of England. This tiny Church is now furnished as it would have been during the period it was used and is open daily for viewing.

The tiny wooden church was brought in from Southend, when it was decided that Beachport was to be the main seaport for the area. It was originally situated on the site where Rivoli Bay Deli now stands, but had to be moved when it was sold to Mr AL Spehr of Furner in 1927. The first service held in the church was on 13th November 1881 and was conducted by Reverend Rowland Hayward, Missionary Chaplain. The building was sold to the Beachport Institute on the 25th November 1940. It served as a dressing room/supper room for many years, until it was restored in 1975 by the Beachport National Trust.

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