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Beachport Conservation Park

Beachport Conservation Park

Beachport Conservation park is situated near to Lake George.  Five Mile Drift is a sheltered area ideal for picnics, swimming and landing site for sailing or windsurfing. One of the great walks within the Beachport Conservation Patk is throughtout Woolley Lake is a small saltwater lagoon and is a favourite haunt for many small birds. A pleasant 45-minute walk skirts the lake. Name plates have been provided alongside many of the plants. There is a short climb to a lookout, which provides views over Lake George, the coast and the Woakwine Range.

Lake George is a popular spot for locals and visitors with many migratory birds visiting the lake. Reminders of our aboriginal past can be found in the middens (remains of discarded shellfish) . Lake George has magnificent bird life and offers excellent windsurfing. Serene camping and picnic areas are situated on the shores of Lake George, with self-registration for campers. This park protects the dunes and coastal vegetation between Lake George and the Southern Ocean. The two tracks to the coast through the park are only suitable for 4WD vehicles or walking. Conventional vehicles can get to the coast as far as Woolley Rocks along the Bowman Scenic Drive.

Beachport Conservation Park has several bush camping sites. Free entry. Camping fee applies. http://www.parks.sa.gov.au/

Please take Care on the 4wd tracks for a copy of the current Maps please click here.







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