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Sculptures & Art

Sculptures and Art Work

Look for Beachport's three beautiful stainless steel sculptures on your entry in to the town. Starting from directly opposite the Robe turnoff.         

Designed by Andrew Stock & Tony Rosella designed the spectacular Beachport Entrance Sculptures on Millicent Road, Beachport. The artwork celebrates what is special about Beachport – The natural environment - The fishing industry – The people who live here.

Another sculpture featuring a lobster pot and recycled timber from the jetty has been designed and erected on Beach Road. French Artists Dominique (Dume) Paolini and his partner Celine Gorget created “Native Vision”, a whale sculpture overlooking Rivoli Bay.

In 2013 they have gone onto design a range of sculptures representing local wildlife these are located on the walkway around the Lagoon.

Mosiac Artworks are on offer on the cinema wall & the foreshore with the Leafy Sea Dragon & Mosiac Table.

Also be sure to check out the Community Quilt on display at the Beachport Cinema








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