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Canunda National Park

The Canunda National Park stretches from Southend to Carpenter Rocks along South Australia's Limestone Coast, being the second largest coastal park in the south east of the state. There are three entry points to the park; Southend, via Millicent and Carpenter Rocks. The area, 9358Ha is dominated by huge sand dunes and spectacular coastline. The park is some 40km in length and is sandwiched between the sea and Lake Bonney.


Two Wheel Drive

Conventional vehicles can get to Cape Buffon and Boozy Gully from Southend and to Oil Rig Square/Geltwood Beach via Millicent. Rugged limestone cliffs, the sea, islands, sea stacks and offshore reefs can be viewed from the three walking trails in the northern section of the park. Several spots along the coast are popular for fishing. There is a safe swimming beach at Southend. 


Four Wheel Drive

Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles can travel the full length of the park by following the orange marker posts through the dunes. Beach and dune conditions change regularly. Travel in company and carry recovery gear. Plan trips within your, and your vehicles capabilities. Take adequate water, food, fuel and spares for your vehicle. Check the proposed route and read the Canunda National Park information signs carefully regarding local conditions. Tyre pressure may need to be lowered to 15psi in soft conditions.

Beach driving south of Oil Rig Square is not recommended by National Parks. Contact the Canunda National Park Ranger for more information on:

08 8735 6053, or the Millicent Visitor Information Centre for the latest updates on beach conditions. Canunda National Park plays a significant role in conserving coastal habitat, preserving Aboriginal and European historical sites and providing for education and outdoor recreation.

Download a four-wheel driving map for Canunda National Park



Please Remember

- If going bushwalking, inform a responsible person of your proposed route and anticipated time of return.

- Do not disturb, collect or damage any animals, wildflowers, geological or heritage items.

- Always keep to the designated walking trails, tracks and roads, and observe park road signs.

- Camping is allowed at selected locations within Canunda National Park - camping permits apply.

- Wood fires are prohibited from 1 November to 30 April.

- Help look after the environment for future generations to enjoy.


Canunda National Park


The Canunda National Park is a significant coastal park in Australia, stretching from Southend in the north to Carpenter Rocks in the south. This renown National Park features spectacular sand dune systems which are constantly evolving, open beaches. and rugged coastline. It provides visitors with the experience of a variety of nature walks, scenic beach views and Australian Indigenous shell middens. It is also an ideal place to go four wheel driving, camping, and fishing. Detailed maps and information are available at the Millicent Visitor Information Centre. Camping is permitted in specific areas, with self-registration areas set up.

Canunda Rocks   Canunda number 2 rocks   Canunda Car




The Walks

Cape Buffon Walking Trail

This walk highlights how the forces of wind and waves have shaped the limestone cliffs, sea stacks and reef platforms, and the vegetation along the coast. A variety of plant species can be seen, many displaying colourful wildflowers.

Distance: 2.5km loop
Walking Time: 1 hour return
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Need to bring: Coat, Hat, Sunscreen and Water.

Seaview Walking Trail

The Seaview Walking Trail showcases a range of features along a cliff top including spectacular rock formations, sandy beaches, seabirds and a myriad of plants, while offering stunning scenic views of the coastal environment.

Distance: 3.5kms
Walking Time: 3.5 hours return
Degree of Difficulty: Easy/moderate
Need to bring: Coat, Hat, Sunscreen, Food and Water.

Willichum Lookout Walking Trail

Willichum is the Boandik Aboriginal word for the southern end of Rivoli Bay. Splendid panoramic views reward walkers who reach the lookout viewing platform.

Distance: 800m
Walking Time: 45 minutes return
Degree of Difficulty: Easy/moderate
Need to bring: Coat, Hat, Sunscreen, Camera.


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