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Walks around Millicent

Walking Trail brochures are available at the Millicent Visitor Information Centre. Some of the spectacular and exciting

walks that Millicent have to offer are:

Historic Walk through Millicent (1km) - 45min - Moderate

Enjoy a short stroll through Millicent’s streets and see our historic buildings, beautiful town gardens and artist street murals depicting the history of the town.

Canunda - Cape Buffon Walking Trail (2km) - 45min - Moderate

This walk highlights how the forces of wind and waves have shaped the limestone cliffs, sea stacks and reef platforms, and the vegetation along the stunning coast. 

A variety of plant species can be seen, including colourful wildflowers, native grasses and species.

Willichum Lookout Walking Trail (1.6km) - 45min - Moderate

Willichum is the Boandik Aboriginal word for the ‘southern end’ of Rivoli Bay. Splendid panoramic views reward walkers who reach the lookout viewing platform.

Seaview Walking Trail (6km) - 45min - Moderate

The Seaview Walking Trail showcases a range of coastal features along a cliff top including spectacular rock formations, sandy beaches, seabirds and a myriad of plants, while offering stunning scenic views of the coastalenvironment.

Coola Outstation Historical Hike  (8.5km) - 45min - Moderate

This walking trail loop passes coastal vegetation, early farm machinery, wetlands (via a boardwalk) and the ruins of Coola Outstation to the shores of Lake Bonney. Along the way, splendid views of the lake, dunes and farm lands are captured.



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