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Millicent is located 412kms south-east of Adelaide, 469kms west of Melbourne. Millicent is centrally located in the middle of the Wattle Range council area, 50kms from Penola and 36kms from Beachport.

The local industries include pulp and paper manufacturing at Kimberly-Clark 10 kms south-east of Millicent. Millicent is also well known for its primary production, which includes many varied crops. Pine and blue gum plantations cover large areas.

Millicent was proclaimed in 1870 after a township developed on the limestone ridge in the centre of the newly drained Millicent flats. It is named after Millecent Glen, wife of one of the early pioneers and daughter of the first Anglican Bishop of Adelaide.

Millicent moved into the 20th century as a rural centre and its identity began to develop when pine plantations were developed in the ranges near the township.

Two pulp and paper mills were built at nearby Snuggery, of which Kimberly-Clark remains and is the largest employer in the town. These industries were responsible for a big increase in the population in the 1960s and the towns culture has been enriched by a high proportion of European migrants.


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