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Millicent Road Traffic Centre

The Millicent Road Safety Centre was established in 1968 by the Millicent Lions Club, the centre was originally called the Road Safety "School", but was altered because children did not want to go to a "school" when they had just finished for the day.

 It was funded by the community and built on council owned land to teach children basic road safety skills. The Lions ran the centre until the late 1980's when it was handed over to the District Council of Millicent (now Wattle Range Council) and when they approaced the Millicent Road Safety Group for a volunteer to run it, Sue Van Der Heul stepped forward. Sue took charge of the centre in 1996, and opened it to the public every Saturday afternoon for years.

According to Sue, when the numbers eventually dwindled off she stopped opening the centre for use. "We had birthday parties and family days, but other attractions started popping up for the kids so there wasn't much point staying open," she said.

However, now Millicent and surrounding districts are once again taking advantage of the road safety education provided by the centre, which has stop lights, pedestrian crossings, give way and school signs. The sessions start off with a video on safety, then a talk and helmet fitting.

"The schools contact me first and I give them a date and time they can come in for a lesson."

For further information please contact 08 8733 0900.


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