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Material Spill Millicent

18 January 2017

Residents in the Millicent area are advised that there has been a spillage of material from an unknown source that is believed to be snail bait pellets on the following roads: Saint Clair Road, Banya Road, Banya Road South, Hakea Drive, Wattle Road and Mayurra Road, Millicent.

Council crews have been dispatched to clean-up the spill however we are not confident we will be able to remove all of the material. Residents are warned that the material could be potentially harmful to domestic animals, and that dogs and cats should be restricted from access to this area.

If animals are suspected of ingesting the materials, owners should contact their vet immediately.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact Council on (08) 8733 0900.


For further information please contact:

Ben Gower, Chief Executive Officer
Email:                      bjg@wattlerange.sa.gov.au
Telephone:              (08) 8733 0900 or 0402 177 247


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