Penola Heritage Development Plan Amendment

In 2007 Council engaged heritage consultants, McDougall & Vines, to undertake a comprehensive heritage survey of the Penola Township. The resultant Penola Heritage Survey summarises the history of the area, and lists and assesses individual buildings, groups of buildings and other items of heritage significance.

The preparation of an updated local heritage survey based on a comprehensive review and survey of the heritage assets of Penola represents a significant stage in the recognition and protection of the historical significance of this town. The heritage character of Penola has been assessed to assist with its conservation through the application of current heritage and planning legislation provisions.

The objectives of the Penola Local Heritage Survey are as follows:

1.   To identify local heritage places within Penola, for inclusion in the Council's development plan in accordance with Section 23 (4) of the Development Act, 1993;
2.   To identify areas within the township, which could be declared Historic Conservation Zones/Policy Areas and included in the Development Plan of the Wattle Range Council

Council has also engaged planning consultants, MasterPlan SA, to assist in the preparation of a Heritage Development Plan Amendment (DPA), which will provide legal context by placing the recommendations of the heritage survey into the current authorised Development Plan for the Wattle Range Council.  A copy of the Survey can be downloaded here.

The heritage survey provides an authoritative description and evaluation of the heritage resources of the township for the purposes of conservation planning and development assessment. In terms of development assessment, the heritage survey recommends the inclusion of 101 local heritage places in the Development Plan and the inclusion of a new Historic Conservation Policy Area on Riddoch Street between the existing State heritage area and the main street of Penola. The survey reviewed the existing State heritage places as well as potential new State heritage places, and recommended that no further places or areas be added to the South Australian Heritage Register.

The DPA, which is in interim operation as from Thursday 25th September 2008, will be open for public exhibition between Thursday 25th September 2008 and Thursday 27th November 2008. Copies of the DPA will be available for public inspection and purchase during normal office hours at the Council office in Penola and can be dowloaded below. 

Draft Penola Heritage PAR Draft%20Penola%20Heritage%20PAR (2529 kb)

Penola Heritage Survey Penola%20Heritage%20Survey (4109 kb)

On the 1st October 2009 the Penola Heritage DPA was fully integrated into the Wattle Range Council Development Plan. Councils current Development Plan now contains 85 local heritage listed properties, 31 State Heritage listed properties, a State heritage Area (Penola) with 16 precincts (encompassing Petticoat Lane and the MacKillop school) and historic conservation areas  of Riddoch Street & Riddoch Street East that contain numerous State and Local Heritage listed properties.

Advise on development within heritage listed properties and policy areas can be obtained from Council Development Staff.