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Mary MacKillop Penola Centre

The Mary MacKillop Penola Centre

Learn more about this remarkable woman at the outstanding centre, along with Julian Tenison Woods and take a step back in time in the original restored 'Woods MacKillop Schoolhouse'.

It was here in 1866 that Mary MacKillop, an outstanding young teacher, and Julian Tenison Woods, a priest and brilliant scientist, founded the uniquely Australian Sisters of St Joseph.

They provided a free Catholic education, initially for the isolated bush children of Penola. Since then the lives of many throughout Australia and overseas have been enriched and transformed.

Located on the Corner of Portland Street & Historic Petticoat Lane, Penola South Australia.

A Cultural, Tourism Experience not to be missed.

For more information on Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop please log onto http://www.mackilloppenola.org.au/

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