Jetty to Jetty (Beachport to Southend)

Southend Jetty S Whennan
2nd Jan 2021 7:00 am

Southend Jetty S Whennan

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Welcome to the Jetty to Jetty Run/Walk.
How did the Jetty to Jetty idea come about?
The idea came from a number of conversations between Brad Tilley and Darren Simon, usually during random meetings at a local coffee shops. The plan was to organise an annual run/walk between Southend and Beachport.
What is Jetty to Jetty?
It’s a run or walk, starting at the Southend Jetty and following the beach around Rivoli Bay to the Beachport Jetty. It’s a low key, social run where there is no entry fee, no prizes, minimal support and no course markings. Just keep the water to your left and keep moving.
Where is the run?
Southend to Beachport in the Limestone Coast, South Australia. The run will start from the car park, 20 Bridges Drive, Southend at 7am and the finish will be at the Beachport Jetty a few hours later.
What is the distance?
Based on GPS readings of previous runs the route comes in at 18km.
Why the first Saturday of January?
Beachport traditionally hold a Market Day and an annual Duck Race Fundraiser on the first Saturday of January so it’s a perfect chance to meet the family at the finish line and enjoy some market delicacies or crafts.
What can I expect from the route?
Sand, sand and more sand. It’s a beach run. Depending on the tide you might have to run in the soft stuff or down on the hard packed sand near the waters edge.
Where can I find a course map?
Huh? This just follows the sands of Rivoli Bay. Keep the water to your left and you can’t get lost.
What support will be provided along the way?
Maybe some water drops along the way or a support vehicle but don’t count on it. Take what you’ll need to make it to the finish.
Can anyone run this event?
Sure. If you have reasonable fitness and are keen, feel free to join the fun.
Southend Jetty S Whennan