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Youth Recognition Awards

Welcome to the Wattle Range Council Youth Recognition Awards

As part of the National Youth Week 2017, the Wattle Range Council was pleased to again conduct its Youth Recognition Awards.

Council recognises the important and valuable contribution our youth make to the community. To acknowledge this contribution we invite youth from 12-25 years to nominate and be a part of the awards.

The awards are designed for young people to be nominated by their families, friends, parents, youth workers, teachers, counsellors, employers and other members of the local community or they can self-nominate for the awards.

There are five award categories, which are been outlined below:

WRCYRA Community     Contributions to the Community/Community Involvement Award
Recognises an individual who has made a positive contribution to the community, has volunteered their time to help others and/or is an active member of the community (Volunteering with community group/school)

2017 Winner

Alex Guenther (Kalangadoo)

YRA Alex  Guenther

WRCYRA FamilyFriends

Helping Out Family and/or Friends Award
Recognises an individual who has assisted tirelessly a family or friend in need.

2017 Winner

James Krieger (Kalangadoo)

YRA James Krieger

WRCYRA Learning Learning Success  (Continual Improvement) Award
Recognises an individual who works to continually improvement themselves or assists others in learning outcomes

2017 Winner

Aliza Pfitzner (Penola)

YRA Aliza Pfitzner
WRCYRA Employment

Employment Achievement  Award (e.g. New initiative, Facing a job/ training challenge)
Recognises an individual whose innovation and ideas have been recognised by peers.

2017 Winner

Felicity Drury (Mount Burr)

YRA Felicity Drury
WRCYRA Challenge Overcoming A Challenging Life Situation Award
Recognises an individual who has turned a negative situation into a positive. They have had the courage to get through a bad situation and show great resilience and determination. This person is someone who inspires others

2017 Joint Winners

Lucy Williams (Penola)

Jessica Markey 

YRA Lucy Williams

YRA Jessica Markey


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