Strategic Management & Long Term Financial Plans

Strategic Management Plan

Section 122 of the Local Government Act 1999 directs Councils to develop and adopt Plans for the management of its area, which collectively are called Strategic Management Plans.

At its August 2017 meeting Council adopted a the Wattle Range Council Strategic Plan 2018-2021 as a blueprint for operations over the next 4 years, with the aim to continue to make Wattle Range a ‘Great Place to Live and Work’.

The plan, which outlines five (5) key Themes underpinning Council's decision making processes, can be dowloaded below:-

WRC Strategic Plan 2018-2021(2487 kb)


Long Term Financial Plan

At its October 2017 meeting Council adopted the Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2027.

The Long Term Financial Plan is driven by Council's Strategic Management Plan, which sets out Council's future objectives, goals and desired outcomes for the Community.

The purpose of the Long Term Financial Plan is to provide guidance to Council in formulating those future strategies and actions, by ensuring that Council are fully aware of the future financial impact of decisions made today.

The LTFP is designed as a 'high-level' summarised document, providing relevant information in relation to key performance components such as rate increases, service levels to our community, major infrastructure replacement & renewal, loan indebtedness and internal cash reserves.

The Plan ensures that Council has the information available to pursue the implementation of the Strategic Management Plan whilst maintaining the focus on continuing to operate in a financially sustainable manner.

Long Term Financial Plan 2018-2027(2290 kb)