Council's cemeteries will remain open; however, visitors are asked to please observe the Government's physical distancing recommendations of 1.5m distance between persons whilst visiting.

Council provides cemeteries at the following towns:-

Beachport*, Furner, Kalangadoo, Millicent*, Penola*, Rendelsham* and Tantanoola*.  (* - Ashes internment available).

A copy of Council's Forms relating to the Ordering of a Cemetery Plaque and Interment Orders are attached for your easy reference.

If you require any further information, please contact a Customer Service Officer at any one of Council's Offices.

Cemetery Plaque Order Form(145 kb)
Cemetery Interment Order Form(133 kb)
Burial and Memorial Sites Interment Rights & Responsibilities Statement(101 kb)

A copy of Council's Policy in relation to Cemeteries is available for download below.  Any queries in relation to this policy can be referred to the Millicent Office on (08) 8733 0900.

Cemeteries Policy(35 kb)

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Fees & Charges - Miscellaneous - CEMETERY

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Fee or Charge Description



Lawn Cemeteries - Millicent and Penola. Memorial Cemeteries - Penola (Old & New), Kalangadoo, Millicent, Tantanoola, Rendelsham, Beachport and Furner

For Persons aged 10 years and over  
   1st Interments $1,585.00
   2nd or 3rd Interments** $1,380.00
Couch Coffin - Non Standard size Interment - Additional Fee $133.00
Exhumation after minimum of 2 years $1,850.00
Reinterment in grave following exhumation $390.00
Burial Fees for Children under 10 years $600.00
Granite/Bronze/Glass Plaques * At cost*
Fixing Fee  (*All plaque purchases to incur a Fixing Fee) $70.50
**Applicability of 2nd or 3rd interments at memorial cemeteries are discussed on a case by case basis  
Interment of cremation urns (Millicent, Penola, Rendelsham, Tantanoola, Beachport & Kalangadoo)Taxable 
1st in ground (New Lease) $430.00
2nd or 3rd in ground (Existing Lease) $230.00
Family Interment of Urn (Existing Lease Only) $230.00
In Memorial Wall $430.00
In Memorial Wall (No Urn) $230.00
Removal of Urn $117.50
Granite/Bronze/Glass Plaques  At cost*
Fixing Fee (*All plaque purchases to incur a Fixing Fee) $70.50
Neonatal/Baby Section- Millicent Lawn CemeteryTaxable 
Memorial Plot (No Burial)  $118.00
Neonatal/Baby $325.00
Granite/Bronze/Glass Plaques  At cost*
Fixing Fee (*All plaque purchases to incur a Fixing Fee) $70.50
Interment of SpecimensTaxable 
Interment Costs NO CHARGE
Interment Rights  
Interment Right Fee $70.50
Interment Right (Cancellation/Transferral) NO CHARGE
Interment Right Renewal Fee $70.50
Additional Plaque CostsTaxable 
Refixing of plaques $70.50
Surcharge and Other Fees  
Additional fees payable for burials on a Saturday, Sunday or Public HolidayTaxable$490.00
Monumental Mason / Funeral Director Administration FeesTaxable$58.00
Supply of Cement Sloper (Memorial Cemeteries Only)Taxable$46.00