Hairdressing/Beauty Salons and Skin Penetration

Council's Environmental Health Officer inspects these premises to assist proprietors to adhere to the principles in the day-to-day operation of their business so that full protection is afforded to themselves, their operators, the clients and the community.

To follow unhygienic or unsafe procedures, or allow premises, furnishings or fittings to become dirty or poorly maintained, will not only threaten the commercial success of the business, but may lead to conditions that can jeopardize the health of both clients and operators, and contribute to the spread of infectious diseases and the transmission of head lice.

It is essential for hairdressers to know and understand the health implications of the procedures and the precautions that must be taken to minimize health risks. The following basic principles apply to hairdressing:

The premises must be kept in a clean and hygienic state.

Any article that has been used on a client must be cleaned before being used on another person.
Operators must keep themselves and their clothing clean and have no exposed cuts, abrasions or wounds.

Where sterilisation of implements is required, Guidelines on the Standards of Practice for Hairdressing should be read in conjunction with, Guidelines on the Safe and Hygienic Practices of Skin Penetration.

Hairdressing, body art and piercing

Please see SA Health's standards and guidelines.

Hairdressing Standards

Skin Penetration Guidelines

Topical anaesthetics numbing creams sold by tattoo artists and laser technicians