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The Millicent Gallery

The Millicent Gallery is a high quality, A Class, nationally known public exhibition space situated in the Civic Centre Complex at Ridge Terrace, Millicent.

The Gallery has been showing a diversity of exhibitions since it opened in 1990. Renovated in 2004, the Gallery has been extended to allow more room for exhibitions.The Millicent Gallery promotes a wide and varied exhibition program and the recently announced 2015 program further promotes community artists and events, regional and state exhibitions and regular exhibitions: the Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition; Wattle Range Art Show with the Ceramic section commemorating the innovation and commitment to the arts of Barbara Wallace who was a leading ceramicist prior to her untimely passing; SALA Exhibition and The Group of Five - promoting young and emerging artists.

Location: Civic Centre, Ridge Terrace MILLICENT SA 5280
Phone: (08) 8733 0903
Opening Times:  Tuesday 9.00am - 5.30pm & 6.30pm - 8.30pm
  Wednesday & Thursday 9.00am - 5.30pm

Friday 9.00am - 5.30pm & 6.30pm - 8.30pm

  Sunday 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Millicent Gallery Program 2016(352 kb)


Millicent Gallery              Millicent Gallery



The Wattle Range Photographic Exhibition is eagerly anticipated and well supported by both local and Limestone Coast photographers, reflecting the keen interest in photography and the professional standard attained by many of the photographers. Every year amongst the prizewinners there will emerge a photographer of note, one who has gained excellence in photography and a photographer to watch.

2014 was an outstanding year for local photographer Darren Galwey who was successful in the Landscape and Business and Industry Categories with his outstanding images of The Swimming Lake and Hollo Fresh. Other local photographers who featured as prize winners were Sonya Francis, Jack Francis, Margaret Carter, Keeva Joy Shepard, Charles Prime, Merridy Lindner and Luke Wehmann.

Group of Seven Plus One – An annual exhibition promoting the mentoring of emerging and young artists who have not exhibited a collection of their works previously. This exhibition enables the artists to engage with a mentor and participate in the development of the exhibition, curate their collection and participate in the opening and promotion of the exhibition.      

In 2014 the Exhibition opened before an excited and well attended crowd of over 150 people and featured the works of:



Wattle Range in Flight - An Arts Installation was opened Friday 19th September 2014 “Wattle Range In Flight” by Mayor Peter Gandolfi. Barbara Wallace was a renowned artist/ceramicist who worked tirelessly to enable the community and the community of artists to have access to the best possible resources available, including facilities and workshops. She was an inaugural member of the Country Arts Board, a lecturer and teacher, a mentor to many. Barbra was responsible for the previous facilities of the Millicent Craft Group. She ensured that artists, trainers and opportunities were always forthcoming for the group and the wider artist community of the South East. Barbara travelled extensively studying in Japan and bringing home new techniques and mediums. Barbara was one of the nation’s foremost ceramic artists known for her innovative design and inspiration. Barbara survived Ash Wednesday although her property did not. She passed away much too soon.

1.       Wattle Range in Flight – inspired by Barbara developed by the Millicent Craft Group-Ceramic Group

When the Gallery was extended there was inserted into the wall three boxes that were set aside to represent Wattle Range. They were lit and it was intended that the Millicent Craft Group would design and make a series of ceramic wall panels/birds in ceramic one of Barbara’ s favoured mediums and that they would represent Wattle Range: Beachport, Millicent, Penola. These panels have now been completed and placed in the courtyard.

An installation that Barbara would be proud of as will the community – combining the environment, ceramics and art

The Millicent Craft Group – ceramic group have renewed confidence now that they are working with another renowned teacher artist and moved to their new premises. “Wattle Range in flight” exhibition included research, drawings and models depicting the progress of the installation.

This installation is viewable from the Gallery and the Civic and Arts Centre.

2.       Ceramic Wall Mosaic

There are currently located at the entrance to the Civic and Arts Centre three ceramic wall panels. These were installed as part of a community arts project. Another panel was installed on a wall at the original premises of the Millicent Craft Group now owned by Sharps. It was suggested by the Millicent Craft group that the mosaic mural be relocated to the Civic and Arts Centre. This installation has commenced and members of the Craft group repaired the mosaic mural prior to the installation.

3.       Panoramic art work in Civic and Arts Centre

The foyer of the Civic and Arts Centre has remained the same since it was built in the 70s. Discussion has been undertaken to add to the ambience of the foyer and create a more contemporary look with art. Artist Suzanne Westall Brierley who has moved to Millicent from Adelaide and Port Augusta, a renowned artist who has undertaken commissions for local government, gained much Country Arts funding and has been a member of the Country Arts Board and with whom I have been working, offered to paint a mural to cover the expanse above the bar in the Civic and Arts Centre.

A significant art piece she commenced by drawing  a set of initial drawings, based around Lake McIntyre and the bird life, pulling together the ceramic birds and Lake McIntyre and the bird life it is renowned for. The Soldier’s memorabilia has been relocated to another wall.

These three installations complete the dream of Barbara Wallace and her community of artists some 21 years after the Gallery opened and in keeping with the celebrations this year. They also add life to the Civic end of the town enhancing the arts trail from the Millicent Visitor Centre, drawing on the Millicent Gallery and the Civic and Arts Centre.



The Millicent Gallery is committed to promoting young artists of the District and in partnership with Schools and Kindergartens annually features exhibitions from students of participating schools and kindergartens.

There were two very successful student exhibitions:

“Where the Wild Things Are” when the students of McArthur Park and Newberry Park collaborated to represent the evergreen children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are”

 Millicent High School and Learning Centre Exhibition

Annually the Gallery features work of the Year 12 High School students supported by the Millicent Learning Students who have focused on the arts.




The Millicent Craft Group was started by a group of potters in 1977.

After obtaining funds for two pottery wheels and a gas fired kiln, the group’s base was  the National Trust Museum, until a move was made to a Nissan hut at the airport in 1977.

The potters were joined by a group of Spinners and Weavers, where workshops and classes were held regularly. Space became a problem and eventually, with the assistance of a Government grant, a large truck shed was purchased. Much money was raised to upgrade the building and a great deal of voluntary labour was needed to convert the shed.

Enthusiastic groups of embroidery, patchwork and quilting commenced to add to the activities of the ceramicists, spinners and weavers.

In October 2012 the group moved to Fifth Street as the Millicent Community Art and Craft Centre. The group has expended to include scrapbooking, painting and drawing. In fact the premises are at full capacity with this mix of activities.

For 37 years the Millicent Community Art and Craft Group has maintained its aim to encourage the practice and promotion of Art and Craft in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Participants in Project -  Millicent Community Art and Craft – Ceramic Group

Susanne Brierley-Westall
Roxanne Seymour
Carol Baxter
Jillian Gardiner
Sue Prosser
Louise Rockne
Lynette Bowering

Millicent Gallery Business Plan 2009-2014(108 kb)

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Dagny Strand Art House Gallery

Artwork by Dagny Strand. Workshops and tuition available. Weekend Blacksmithing demonstrations by Bruce Kennewell

Location: 5 Petticoat Lane, PENOLA SA 5277
Phone: Dagny - 0421 710 902      
   Bruce - 0428 813 097
Opening Hours: 11am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday or by appointment

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Gallery 54

Gallery 54 is located in historic Penola, adjoining South Australia's premium wine growing area of Coonawarra. The members of the gallery are artists of the region who display contemporary fine art such as sculpture, pottery, jewellery, painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles. Exhibition room and courtyard.

Location: 54 Church Street, Penola
Phone: (08) 8737 2808
Opening Hours: 10am - 4pm Thursday to Monday. All school holidays


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Gallery @ Millicent Visitor Information Centre

Displays and exhibitions are held here on a regular basis. These include: Numerous photographic displays, Quilts during the Geltwood Craft Festival, Timber Display  as part of the Two Tall Timbers Exhibition, Christmas Tree Display during the Christmas tree Extravaganza and much more. Be sure to pop in and have a look around!

Phone: (08) 87330904

Christmas Trees    Millicent Visitor Information Centre    Tall Timbers Exhibition


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Guy Detot's Le Max Gallery

The art works you always wanted - but didn't know you did!

Location: 28 Young Street, PENOLA SA 5277
Phone: (08) 8737 3009
Mobile: 0408 373 007
Opening hours: Sometimes, anytime, maybe and by appointment.


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John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Gallery

The John Shaw Neilson Acquisitive Art Prize Collection comprises the winning entries of the annual Penola Coonawarra Festival art competition. It was developed in 1992 to commemorate the work of the Penola born poet.

Location: Arthur St - John Riddoch Centre (Penola Visitor Information Centre)
Phone: (08) 87 372855


John Shaw Neilson Art Gallery 1  John Shaw Neilson Art Gallery 2   John Shaw Neilson Art Gallery 3


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Local Images Art Gallery

Fine art from the region and leading Australian artists' paintings, sculptures, jewellery, pottery and glassware.

Location: 55 Church Street, Penola
Phone: 08 8737 3434


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Ant's Red Gum Gallery

Visit the Amazing Gallery of Ant's in  Millicent S.A 

 For more information click on Ant's Red Gum Gallery