Rates are set at the commencement of each financial year. Council also collects a levy on behalf of the South East Natural Resources Management Board (NRM Levy). Rates for the current financial year of 2019/2020 are:

Minimum Rate

  • Minimum - $600.00

Rate in the Dollar

  • Residential - 0.4914 cents in the $
  • Commercial - 0.4200 cents in the $
  • Industrial - 0.4200 cents in the $
  • Primary Production - 0.3684 cents in the $
  • Vacant Land - 0.5920 cents in the $
  • Other - 0.5920 cents in the $

Basis of Rating is Capital Value.

Separate Rates

Service Charges

Waste Collection Fees

  • 3 Bin Waste collection and recycling service - $306.00 (Eligible Pensioners will receive a rebate of up to $120.00)
  • 2 Bin Waste collection and recycling service - $236.00 (Eligible Pensioners will receive a rebate of up to $90.00)


  • CWMS Occupied (Southend, Penola, Kalangadoo) - $612.00
  • CWMS Occupied (Beachport) - $695.00
  • CWMS Vacant (Southend, Penola, Kalangadoo) - $458.00
  • CWMS Vacant (Beachport) - $521.0

NRM Levy

  • NRM Levy - (State Government Tax - No additional rebates apply).
Purpose of Use Category2019/20
Residential, Vacant & Other$79.10
Primary Production$337.00

Due Dates for Payment

Rates may be paid in full or in quarterly instalments. The due dates for rate payments for the current financial year are:

  • 4 September 2019
  • 4 December 2019
  • 4 March 2020
  • 3 June 2020

A separate notice will be sent thirty days before each instalment is due. Payments may be made more frequently if desired, but please ensure that each quarterly instalment amount is met by the due date indicated on the rate notice.

Fines will be levied on overdue rates.

Any ratepayer who may, or is likely to, experience difficulty with meeting the standard payments are invited to contact the Rates Department on (08) 8733 0900 to discuss payment options.  All enquiries are treated confidentially by the Council.

Refer to Council's Annual Business Plan for full details relating to rates, service charges, levies, payments etc.

Payment Options:

  • Bpay - You must be registered with your bank/credit union to use this option.
  • Phone - By credit card - telephone 1300 30 10 90 and follow directions.
  • Internet - Make a Payment Online
  • In Person - At the Council Offices during office hours.
  • Australia Post - At any Post Office.
  • Mail - Send the bottom portion of your rate notice together with a cheque or money order in the reusable envelope.
  • Direct Debit and Service Agreement Form

Rate Concessions - From 1 July 2015, the State Government has elected to pay directly to those eligible ratepayers a single "cost of living payment".  This payment may be used by ratepayers to offset Council rates.  To check eligibility, contact the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI) Concessions Hotline 1800 307 758.  Furthermore effective from 1 July 2017 concession applicable to ratepayers who receive Community Wastewater Management Schemes, will also receive these payments directly from the State Government and will no longer appear on the rates notices.

Valuation - The capital value used by Council for your property is provided by Valuation SA. Any enquiries regarding this value should be directed to the State Valuation Office on 1300 653 345.

Single Farming Enterprise - All rural ratepayers who own and operate two or more portions of rateable land as one entity can apply to Council to be treated as a Single Farm Enterprise, via the Application form.

Land Use Objection - If you wish to have your land use code reviewed an application can be made to Council for formal consideration by the State Valuation Office.  Application form is available to download here.

Change of Address - If changing address details please complete the Change of Address form or for property ownership, please advise any changes as quickly as possible by sending an email to finance@wattlerange.sa.gov.au with all the details including your daytime telephone number.

Phone (08) 8733 0900 for any other general rates queries, or email finance@wattlerange.sa.gov.au.