Tantanoola is a small town in South Australia, the name is derived from the aboriginal word tentunola, which means boxwood / brushwood hill or camp.

Tantanoola is located 10kms south of Millicent, turn off the Princes Highway for 4kms. Tantanoola is in the south of the Wattle Range Council area, near Millicent, 51kms south of Beachport or 67kms west of Penola. The local industries include Kimberly Clark Pulp and Paper manufacturing, rural/farming area, native flower and herb farming.

A town was proclaimed at this location in 1879, originally called Lucieton after the Governor's daughter. In 1879 the Beachport to Mt Gambier railway line was opened which caused much controversy as it separated the town down the middle from north to south. Within a few years the name of the town was changed to Tantanoola, a Boandik word, thought to mean woman's retreat.

Tantanoola Attractions

The spectacular Tantanoola Cave is located 16kms from Millicent on the Princes Highway. It is the only single-chamber pink dolomite cave in Australia and features easy access pathways, which are suitable for wheelchair and pusher access. The strategically placed lighting enhances the cave's natural beauty. Open daily for tours. Entry fee applies. Click here to view brochure Tantanoola Caves Brochure  (467 kb)

For more information on this spectacular cave please log onto http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/

In 1893, there were reports of a strange animal in the Tantanoola area, it was described as a tiger. The tiger prowled the district for several years. In 1895, the tiger was killed, only to be discovered that it was actually an Assyrian Wolf, and is now on display in a glass case at the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel. Visit the Tantanoola Hotel to see the tiger and hear this legendary tale.

The original buildings of the railway station have been recently renovated and can be seen from the sheltered picnic spot opposite the Tantanoola Tiger Hotel.

Free motor-home parking for short stays is allowed in the parklands & a dump point is available.

The Tantanoola Community Town Plan was adopted on the 27 November 2018


We want Tantanoola to be a viable and vibrant community which is family friendly and with a mix of age groups who can all positively contribute to our safe, clean and green community. It can be a place of education, employment, business and an inviting place for visitors. Tantanoola can be an inclusive community where residents support each other in an aesthetically beautiful location.

Community Town Plans

Wattle Range Council has developed 10-year town plans with each township. Each town plan can be viewed at Community Town Plans.

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