Streets, Roads and Footpaths


If you have a complaint or query about the drainage in your street or road phone 8733 0901 for an inspection.

Driveway Crossovers

Driveways or crossovers are the continuation of your driveway from the allotment's front boundary line to the road.

Each property is required to have a permanent crossover constructed to Council's specification. Please see 'Standard Driveway Crossover Drawing' below.

In accordance to the Local Government Act, the owner of a property is responsible for the construction and maintenance of crossovers to Council's specification.

Council approval must be obtained prior to the construction of a new, or alteration to an existing, driveway access. The 'Authorisation to alter a public road' form is available to download below.

Should you require further information please contact the Engineering Services Section on 8733 0901.

Authorisation to alter a public road

Standard Driveway Crossover Drawing


Residents are encouraged to mow and maintain the road verge, which adjoins their property on a regular basis.

If you have a complaint or query about the condition of your footpath phone our Engineering Services Department on 8733 0901.

Lease of Road Reserves

Council has a policy for the lease of road reserves to adjoining owners or occupiers for grazing purposes.   Permits are also required for the erection/installation of structures/goods on road reserves.  Information can be obtained from the Millicent Office or by downloading the Application Form. 

Permit to Conduct Business on a Public Road(30 kb)

Authorisation to Alter a Public Road(31 kb)


In conjunction with the SA Power Networks, Council provides for street lighting in townships within the area.

All faulty street lights should be reported to the SA Power Networks 24 hour telephone hotline 1800 676 043 or alternatively visit

Removal of Timber from Roadsides

Cutting down and removal of any timber from roadsides throughout the district without written permission of Council is strictly PROHIBITED. Council will prosecute any offenders. Permit forms are available from Council Offices. Contact (08) 8733 0900.

The Wattle Range Council area contains 2441 kms of roads varying in standard from basic earth tracks to sealed roads. The main arterial roads are maintained by Transport SA and consist of the main roads connecting areas of population.

Transport SA maintains the following arterial roads:

  • Princes Highway (Millicent to Kingston)
  • Millicent to Mt Burr Road
  • George Street, Millicent
  • Princes Highway (Millicent to Mt. Gambier)
  • Williams Road, Millicent
  • Millicent to Beachport Road
  • Riddoch Highway
  • Springs Road, Glencoe

The Council is responsible for maintaining all other roads in the council area including urban and township roads and rural sealed and open surfaced roads.

The Council operates routine maintenance programmes for all roads, the frequency of attention depending upon the priority and use of the individual roads. Because of the size of the area the Council depends upon members of the public to advice any problems, which may be observed.

If you have a complaint or query about the surface condition of your residential street or rural road phone our Engineering Services Department on 8733 0901.

Street Sweeping

Residential streets in all the townships of the Wattle range Council are swept approximately every six weeks.


To control weeds on nature strips and within parks and reserves Council sprays once every Summer and Winter. The timing of this spraying is adjusted according to seasonal conditions, thereby gaining maximum effect.