Waste Disposal Vouchers

Council’s Waste Transfer Stations will continue to operate as normal. Please note to assist in social distancing and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Site Attendants will ask for you to deposit your waste disposal voucher in the collection box provided to reduce potential contact.

Waste Disposal Vouchers

A waste disposal voucher is required at all Council Waste Transfer Stations and Resource Recovery Centres.  The aim of the system is to address increasing non-domestic waste volumes and the associated cost to ratepayers.

Why do I need a voucher?

Council provides waste disposal services at 5 waste transfer stations across the Council area for domestic waste. The volume of waste received at the transfer stations is increasing, resulting in larger costs to manage and dispose of that waste. Vouchers allow ratepayers to continue to access a free service, while ensuring that commercial users and those from outside the area do not have free access to waste disposal at the cost of Wattle Range residents.

How many vouchers will I get?

Each year, all ratepayers will be provided with 12 large trailer vouchers for use at Waste Transfer Stations and Resource Recovery Centres.  Vouchers will be delivered with Council Rates Notices.

What if I rent my property out?

Landlords are encouraged to provide vouchers to their tenants.

How much waste for each voucher?

Each voucher will entitle the holder to dispose of up to a heaped tandem trailer (8x5) of segregated waste, each voucher has a value of up to $80.

What if I only have a single bag of rubbish?

In 2017/18, for a single bag of rubbish, up to a 240L wheelie bin, a voucher can be stamped up to 4 times and on the 5th bag/bin the voucher will be collected by the attendant.

What if I run out of vouchers?

Additional vouchers can be purchased from Council offices.

  • Small trailer vouchers $50 each or $250 for a book of 6 (Buy 5 and get 1 free).

  • Large trailer vouchers $80 each or $400 for a book of 6 (Buy 5 and get 1 free).

How long does a voucher last?

All vouchers will expire on 31 August each year.

Can I get a refund on unused vouchers?

No. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

I have used all my vouchers, can I pay in cash?

No.  Only vouchers are accepted at the transfer stations.  You can purchase additional vouchers during Council office hours.  In the future, Council will be exploring other local sales outlets, pay by phone and online purchase of additional vouchers.

Can I give my voucher to someone else?

Residents who use the services of a contractor could pass their voucher to the contractor to cover the cost of waste disposal.  Identification will still be required.

Can I bring a truckload of waste?

No.  No trucks are permitted at the transfer stations.

Do I still need to provide ID?

Yes.  You will still need to provide proof of residency or a rates notice to use the vouchers.

What if I am renting and don’t get a rates notice?

Renters who wish to use a transfer station, will first need to approach their agent or landlord to access the vouchers.  If a renter is unable to negotiate access to vouchers, once per financial year they are permitted to complete a statutory declaration and a Private Rental Request Form to and receive 12 large trailer vouchers.  Additional vouchers can be purchased from Council offices.  Many rentals also have a kerbside collection service.

Housing SA Tennants

In early 2017, a letter was sent to all Housing SA properties advising tenants that they can apply for 12 free waste vouchers once per year using the Housing SA Request Form and providing proof of residency.  Tenants will only have to register once unless they move, in future vouchers will be sent to registered tenants automatically.

Community Groups

Community groups can apply for waste disposal vouchers by completing the Community Group Request Form.

Lost vouchers or recently purchased properties

Ratepayers who have lost their vouchers or who have purchased property after vouchers have been issued for the year may apply for 12 vouchers once per financial year by completing the Lost Voucher & New Purchase Request Form and a Statutory Declaration Form.

Fire Danger clean up

From 1 October to 1 December 2017, Council will trial free disposal of green waste to encourage residents to clean up in preparation for the fire season.  A voucher will not be required if a load is only green waste.  If any other rubbish is included, a voucher will still be required.

Did Council ask the community?

In late 2015, Council consulted with the community on the Waste Strategy for Wattle Range.  During this time, residents objected to gate fees, however there was support for vouchers to be introduced to address the increasing volumes of waste, particularly non-domestic waste.

Feedback during the roll out of vouchers has also been taken into account, with the single bag being increased to up to a 240L wheelie bin and a trial of free green waste disposal for fire season.