Cooling Towers


These cooling towers are inspected for adequate sanitation and disinfection. Cooling towers are used for cooling down plant equipment or as evaporative coolers in large buildings. Without adequate disinfection and regular cleaning Legionella can grow in biofilm and sludge causing Legionnaire's Disease.

In March 1989, Standards Australia introduced AS 3666 - 1898, Air - handling and Water Systems of Buildings - Microbial Control.

The Public and Environmental Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013 and the supporting Guidelines for the Control of Legionella in Manufactured Water Systems have been approved by Cabinet.  The Regulations will commence on 1st October, 2008 with the various requirements being phased in during the next 12 months.  Further information can be obtained from the Department of Health.

Registrations are now required for all manufactured waters systems in South Australia.

Cooling Water Systems Registration Form(57 kb)
Warm Water Systems Registration Form Warm%20Water%20Systems%20Registration%20Form (51 kb)
Cooling Water Systems Renewal Registration Form(31 kb)
Warm Water Systems Renewal Registration Form(29 kb)